Intelligent devices

Cross video analytics and face recognition
Support IP and analog cameras
MPEG4 and Lossless MJPEG encoding and streaming
On board recording
Video on demand
Robust network tolerance
Support for megapixel cameras
Extended temperature support

The IVX concept

Each IVx is pre-loaded with a set of standard video analytics. Additional video analytics packages are available for individual model. Besides the video analytics, the IVx is designed to meet a wide range of user requirements. Each IVx model plays a role in addressing harsh physical environments, economical needs and capacity demands.



Designed to meet wide range of operating temperatures. With its unique embedded design and size, IVX-1 is the ideal edge product for a truly distributed solution.



Cost-effective embedded device that supports a broad range of intelligent features for up to 2 channels. Offers the option to include our advance face recognition (INT-FR) engine.



It is a purposed built device to handle channels input at 4CIF that translates to better performance.



High capacity intelligent device which handles up to 12 channels simultaneously. High local storage capacity for up to 3TB with various RAID options.