Enterprise video management servers

The EVx enterprise servers family consists of management servers, storage blocks and monitoring and visualization consoles, which can reside anywhere on the network. The system’s hierarchical storage architecture enables to record at the edge as well as on distributed storage blocks centrally or across the network, with smart streaming mechanisms for controlling bandwidth utilization.



  • Scalable video management, with support for multiple sites.
  • Hierarchical video recording at the edge and on central or distributed storage blocks.
  • Dual recording – MPEG4 as well as high resolution MJPEG lossless-compression upon event, for undisputed admissible video evidence.
  • High availability storage using direct attached RAID arrays.
  • RSA encryption of video files.
  • Network tolerance and on demand streaming for complete bandwidth control.
  • Advanced forensics and investigation features.
  • Real time event management with instant playback.
  • Multi-console control room with advanced user interface.
  • Geo-spatial event synchronization and visualization.
  • Direct support for IP cameras recording and monitoring (without analytics).