Detect suspicious events

Security operators are required to watch multiple surveillance cameras simultaneously. Artivision enables to automate detection, and filter out only the relevant incidents for further decision and action, thus transforming CCTV monitoring into a proactive process.


Crowd detection

Alerts when the density of people in a specified area exceeds the accepted level.


Unattended baggage

detect objects that have been left stationary for longer than a pre-defined duration, such as illegally parked cars or unattended baggage.


Missing object

detect objects that were removed, such as high value items or storage crates. The analytics engine is smart enough to identify an attempt to replace the object of interest with an object of a similar size.


Perimeter protection

Define a virtual trip wire which triggers alerts when an object touches or fully-crosses it, with additional filters for direction and size. The perimeter line also enables a pre-alert zone which can detect people loitering near the perimeter.


Intrusion and loitering detection

Protect secured sensitive areas from intruders. Objects of interest can be categorized by size and direction of movement, as well as by the time they spend in the supervised region. Multiple areas can be defined simultaneously to enhance effectiveness.